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Welcome to Our Clinic

Posture and Pain Clinic is the location where clients find pain relief that lasts.  We use a special assessment technique which allows us to target the cause of the pain, which is often not where we feel it.

We then teach posture correction to stop the pain coming back and give a longer lasting relief.

Specialising in Bowen Therepy, Emmett Therepy and Posture Correction, we provide relief for some of the following.

  • Back Pain and Sciatica
  • Pain affecting the Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Knee or other areas of your body.
  • Stress related matters
  • Pain Relief from injuries sustained in either Sport or Accidents
  • Headaches , Migraines,TMJ
  • Hormonal Release,Conception
  • Scar Tissue Release

If you would like to experience long term relief that is interfering with your quality of life then please contact us so we can develop a treatment plan that will help you obtain change and a new lease on life.

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